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Terms and Conditions to use NikahPartner.com

  • On your visit or upon subscription of NikahPartner.com, it is presumed that you have accepted the terms and conditions of NikahPartner.com. The terms and conditions may be changed or amended by the Management of NikahPartner.com from time to time at its sole discretions.
  • Registration of profiles: You shall upload accurate information regarding your profile. NikahPartner.com shall act on the basis of the information uploaded in our portal by you or your family members or friends on behalf of you. NikahPartner.com will assume the information provided are true and genuine. NikahPartner.com will have no obligation to verify the accuracy of the information provided by you or on behalf of you.
  • NikahPartner.com reserves all rights to terminate or suspend your membership, if we find the information are not true and genuine or upon receiving the complaints from the third party.
  • Once you subscribe the service of NikahPartner.com, its understood that, you give the permission to the authorised staff of NikahPartner.com to contact you through email, whats app, or sms or any means of communication to deliver the information. In case if you wish to discontinue the service or communication from NikahPartner.com , you can intimate us by writing to info@nikahpartner.com.
  • NikahPartner.com will send its communication through email or by posting notices on our website. It will be presumed that, you have read our notices by visiting our website.
  • Age limit and other pre requisites to be a member of NikahPartner.com
    • 18 yrs and above if you are a Girl
    • 21 yrs and above if you are a Boy
    • Legally competent to get married as per the applicable law from time to time.
    • No legal bindings or unsettled legal issues to get married before the court of Law.
  • NikahPartner.com does not endorse any advertiser on its web pages in any manner and you are advised to verify the accuracy of all information on your own before undertaking any reliance on such information. NikahPartner.com acts only as a flat form to find the perfect profile/ match.
  • Site access and usage : Once you subscribe the membership of NikahPartner.com, you will be having the permission to access and view the profile of others. However, you should not be misusing or manipulating the access rights by any means. The messages or chatting options to be used only for the purpose of finding the life partners and not for flirting, dating friendship etc. In the event any misuse or manipulation of information, NikahPartner.com reserves the right to initiate necessary actions as deemed fit. NikahPartner.com reserves the right to edit/ delete your photo / profile if its not a valid/ clear/ related one. We will delete one of the profile in case of duplication of profiles.NikahPartner.com reserves the right to edit your profile in case if we find objectionable or prohibitive content is found . For the safety and security reasons NikahPartner.com restricted copying, saving and pasting of certain portions of the portals.
  • Usage of account: Once you become a member of NikahPartner.com, you will be provided with a password. Its your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of those passwords. You are not allowed resell your subscriptions to other party without getting the permissions from NikahPartner.com The subscription of your membership is only for individual use not for any commercial use or brokerage purpose.
  • Membership of NikahPartner.com : By uploading the profile with accurate information you shall become a member of NikahPartner.com .To access and view the profiles of our data base, you will have to make the payments. We have following categories for subscriptions:
    • Quarterly subscriptions
    • Half yearly subscriptions
    • Yearly subscriptions
  • Special features of our Product/ Service:
    • You can view unlimited profiles during the subscription period.
    • You can use the verified contact numbers for alliance purpose
    • You can chat/ sms among the members to know each other subject to consent from the other party
    • NikahPartner.com may send you some leads / sms from time to time.
    • NikahPartner.com staff will provide you necessary training / assistance to upload your profile or to access the profile if there is a request from its members.
  • Membership: Your membership is valid for a limited period based on your subscriptions. However, your membership will automatically be suspended if you send abusive, obscene, or sexually oriented messages to the other members.
  • Activation of membership : Once we receive the full payment for your membership subscriptions, your membership will become active within 24 to 48 hrs.
  • Validity of the membership: You continue to be a member of NikahPartner.com for a period of one year once you upload your profile. or Until you terminate or cancel your membership or management terminates your membership due to disciplinary reasons. However, your membership to access and view the profile will end once the subscription period gets over.
  • Refund of fee: In case if you wish to terminate your membership, the subscription fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. You are not allowed to transfer your membership/ passwords to others or entity.
  • NikahPartner.com acts as a platform for all its members to exchange information that would enable and promote their common matrimonial objectives. It is to be understood and presumed that, NikahPartner.com will provide contact information between and members within its service frame work. NikahPartner.com is not an agent of any member and does not involve in the result thereof. NikahPartner.com has no obligation to monitor disputes between you and others members of NikahPartner.com
  • Online conduct: You are responsible for the content and information including profiles and photograph, you post or transmit through NikahPartner.com services. You will not post or transmit any content or information which are defamatory , abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, intimidating , illegal or in violation of the rights of any person.
  • Once you subscribe the NikahPartner.com, you agree that, your profiles may be crawled and indexed by search engines, where NikahPartner.com and its network does not have any control over the search engine behaviour and NikahPartner.com shall not be held responsible for such activities of other search engines. NikahPartner.com not responsible for any errors, omissions, representations on any of its pages or any links or on any of the linked website pages.
  • Extraneous contents: There is a possibility of unauthorised postings of contents by any person including members and unauthorised users. NikahPartner.com will not be responsible for any such type of postings or representations.
  • Site policies: NikahPartner.com reserves the right make necessary changes/ alterations to our policies like, user manuals, pricing policies and any other policies from time to time without any prior notice.
  • All content including the website, logo, text, graphics, button icons, images, audio clips digital documents, write ups and software etc.. is the private property of NikahPartner.com
  • Jurisdictions : Disputes arising out of or in any way affecting the membership, the matter will be referred and settled in the Courts of Mangalore, South Canara.
  • Termination/ Discontinuation : If you wish to discontinue the membership / subscriptions of our Service, you can do so at any point of time. In case if you get engaged or get married during the membership/ subscription period with NikahPartner.com, it's your responsibility and obligation to cancel your membership with NikahPartner.com to stop receiving the enquiries and communication thereafter. NikahPartner.com will not be held responsible in any way, if you receive the communications / enquiries after your engagement/ marriage by not cancelling your membership with NikahPartner.com.
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